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Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Research - Found: Two Artists I Admire

Jones and Terwilliger Gallery in Palm Desert also has galleries in Carmel, California.  I was perusing their gallery and was really attracted to two artists' work.  It turned out they are a married couple.  I guess I like their style!  I could tell they were California artists because the subject matter was clearly Monterey and Carmel.  Brian Blood had plein air work that was beautiful.  I immediately wanted to take up oils and take his workshop!  You have got to see his website!

Laurie Kersey, his wife, does wonderful landscapes, still lifes AND horses!  Her website is

Another gallery on El Paseo was Edenhurst Gallery.  It was like visiting a museum.  They had a beautiful collection of Early California Impressionism, including Guy Rose, Granville Redmond, William Wendt and Edgar Payne.

I have to admit, I feel funny going into a gallery like this, because I am clearly not an art collector.  First, they seem to look you over to see if there are any dead give-aways, like, gold watch, designer handbag or Prada shoes.  Sometimes they don't give me the time of day after that ... which is fine with me.  Sometimes, they invariably ask, "are you a collector?"  I say "no" and they go about their business.  I sure would like to have more fun with this.  Does anyone have any good "come-backs" for this situation?  I'd love to hear it.  Honestly, you don't have to be filthy rich to enjoy art!


Sharon said...

Just say yes. They didn't ask "what" you collect.

ti-igra said...

Magnificent scenery and the work of these artists! I love them! Carolyn, thanks for sharing! :) WAW! I looked pictures on sites - this is incredible!!!

Sharon, you are so funny, I smiling with your words :)))) Imagine and smile again :)

Ida M. Glazier said...

Just say--"No, just an artist", and see what they do about that! This all sounds so interseting!! Another fine pair of artists that are married with each other, is Marilyn Smandle and Ted Goensher. I am not sure I spelt Ted's name right, he is in Oils. Oh, there actually are quite a few I enjoy---I always wonder how they get along?

Carolyn said...

Good come-backs here! I just thought of one myself "no, I am a writer doing a story on art galleries..." I'd like to see their reaction! LOL!