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Friday, August 5, 2011

Hike down to the Falls

"The Falls"
One day we hiked down a steep ravine on the Pacific Crest Trail to a waterfall.  It was VERY LOUD!  This is my attempt to do the water, but I didn't finish it as you can see from the sketched in rocks.  I learned something this day.  I learned about how the light reflects off the rocky walls of the canyon and how it blinded me.  I could no longer see what I was doing.  Now I know what I SHOULD have done.  I should have turned my easle 180 degrees around and stood on the other side so my back was to the "back-lighting".  Lesson learned....


Euphoria said...

Well, now you know what to do next time! However, I think you've started something beautiful and you can finish it in you lovely studio using your imagination.

Carolyn said...

Thanks Kira - I may just do that!