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Monday, August 1, 2011

Observing Light Hitting Water Ripples and the Rocks Under Water

"From the Bridge"
One thing Bill paints that is so amazing, is streams and lakes where you see the rocks below the surface.  I hope I can learn to do it as well, although I seem to have a different style than he does.  Here is one of my attempts.  When he came by, his critique was that I did not have enough color and light on the rocks, so he added a couple of strokes of orange.  When I look at my paintings from this workshop, I gave him permission to make a few strokes or corrections on my paintings.  That way I can see the difference.  I can actually see the part I did , and the part he did and the difference.  His strokes are bolder and simpler.  This is what I seem to need to do.  I have a habit of doing little whispy strokes.  Good learning experience.


LIZ said...

This is an Awesome painting! I love it!

Laura said...

Way cool - you can see the movement of the water. I can almost hear it, too!

Carolyn said...

Thanks Laura and Liz!