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Friday, August 10, 2012

"Morning Light" pastel painting

pastel on board 11 x 14

I used a plein air field study to "bring me back to the place" and my photographic reference to do a larger studio painting here.  I made a few composition changes in this one.

An artist can change things around anyway that looks good.  Clumps of trees can be changed and moved.  Rocks can be changed too.  I might do another painting from this again....the thing I want to accomplish in all of them is the morning light, the colors, the mood.

One idea I have is to have more background showing, and open up the view.  (Sorry trees, some of you have to go!).

1 comment:

ti-igra said...

Hello, Carolyn! :)))
Finally I have mobile internet and can to speak with my wonderful friends!
These warm colored mountains are sooo soft and I feel the real morning mood there! Wow! And also, palms looks like friends in warm fur coats! :))) So cute!
I love it so much!
Thanks for sharing with us your new wonderful pastel and nice mood!