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Thursday, August 30, 2012

It is a new age - downloading art magazines

Watercolor pencil, watercolor wash, and colored pencil

I recently was contacted by a new art magazine Colored Pencil Magazine, asking if they could feature one of my colored pencil drawings in their new magazine.  After checking it out, I agreed, and they requested the above drawing "Barrel Cactus".  My picture is in their "Gallery" section of the September Issue!  I have ordered the download and the printed version for my portfolio.  They found me through the blogs that I posted this drawing from my sketchbook!

Colored Pencil Magazine is a very nice magazine.  The featured artwork they have is amazing.  What you can do with colored pencil - for example - photorealism - is done by more artists than I knew existed.  One nice feature with this magazine, is that you can order only one issue at a time, and the download is less expensive, and it gives you a chance to see if you want to be a regular subscriber.  I encourage you to check it out - I included the link above.

Finding out about this 1-1/2 year old magazine opened up a new world for me.  It is published by HP MagCloud - a service that will provide download magazines you put together, or print and mail them to the people who order them.  Fascinating!  They do brochures and other printable things for small businesses.  I might use them in the future!

Did you (all you artists out there) know that the American Artist Magazine is no longer being published?!!  Soooo sad - that magazine has been collected by public libraries for many, many years.  Maybe that is why I never subscribed!

When I get my issue in the mail, I'll scan my page and post it!


Sharon Whitley said...

How exciting - congratulations!! A wonderful painting!

Carolyn said...

Thanks Sharon!

Euphoria said...

I love this cactus! I'm sure every reader will love it.

ti-igra said...

Cool! Dear Carolyn! I told you that I always see your drowings with pencils and watercolours on the magazine's pages!
Wow! I love this one so-so much!
All neadles, shadows and lights looks perfect! As alive!
Thank you for sharing with us new magazine and all info about it!
Congratulation! Uhuhuuu! :-D