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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Pink Peony" in pastel

On the way home from a local farmer's market, a lady was sitting outside her gate, selling her home-grown peonies.  I bought a bunch and took many photographs for future paintings.  Today, before they wilted, I painted one of them in their vase, in pastel, in my backyard.  Two of my bunnies were outside with me.  Now and then while I stood at my easle, I felt a tickle on my ankle.  Just bunny wiskers - saying "hello"!


ti-igra said...

Wow, Carolyn! Your pastel like a postcard with a heart of a flower! Because it seems real! I love your work! Color and shape are impressive. I love these flowers, they smell so nice and they have so tender leaves!
Painting with bunnies reminds me of my cat that always comes to draw with me in the yard. :-)
My congratulations to your Bunnies!

Ida M. Glazier said...

Hi. I have been thinking about flowers, also. There are those "Cowboys Eggs" blooming along the roads around here, I think they may be a sort of poppy? Have you seen them? I want to do the with watercolor, but alas, flowers are very difficult for me. Your peony is very nice and very well drawn. What a wonderful Idea to plein-air inside your house! That is also a ncie painting! Also, thanks for all your encouragement, Carolyn!

Euphoria said...

Lovely flower!
I see the paper is green (or brown?). It brings darkness to your work. I like it when you use your pastels on white clean papers.
Your bunnies sound very friendly!!!

Carolyn Jean Thompson said...

Hi art gals! Kira, you pointed out something I didn't notice - the paper is actually a grayed down blue-green! In the photo it looks more greenish. Maybe it is because we have a green pop-up backyard canopy to shade our patio - so it may give a greenish tone in my photos. I'm glad to be aware of this for entering any photos in shows!