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Monday, September 6, 2010

Garden Lace - a pastel painting

I finished this today.  Since it involved so many delicate little shapes, I decided to call this Garden Lace, because it was like painting lace! 

Time to clean up, sort out my supplies to take to the workshop, shop for the food I plan to bring, dig out warm clothes in storage.  So, I won't be posting any painting this week.  So I may post my first Newsletter (if I can figure out how to import it).  I've been reading a book on MS Publisher 2007, trying to find out how to make my own e-newsletters and one page brochures.  Just trying to be techie in a techie world!

I am bringing my computer to the workshop.  Hopefully there will be a little time to post about it.


Ida M. Glazier said...

When I enlarge this painting, I can really see the nice negative shapes, the light coming thru and the cone flowers. Very nice work. You will really be in the "Zone" I beleive, for your workshop---looking forward to the posts from the cabin!! Have a wonderful time!

TREVOR Simonsen said...

This piece is so pleasant!

Euphoria said...

Your gardens are so mysterious and full of colour!!!
I love these flowers.
Good luck with the Newsletter!

Carolyn Jean Thompson said...

Thanks Ida, Trevor and Euphoria!

LIZ said...

I really like this piece, Carolyn! I especially like the way the light is hitting the leaves and the wonderful highlights on the flowers. And I love the little blue flowers hiding in the shade!

ti-igra said...

This work you done very diligently and tried! Excellent! I feel like autumn permeates through the patterns of lace in the world of plants and people! Wonderful name, Carolyn! Wonderful pastel! And as always so interesting to read your comments, they always tells us about the lyrical romantic mood! :-)))