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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Now, a Larger Version of the Scene "Below the Snowline v-2"

OK!  This is the third time I've painted this scene!  This one is 9 x 12.  Here is the finished painting.

And, here is the watercolor underpainting.

Yes, this painting looks very much like the last one.  But with a larger surface, I could play a little bit with highlighting certain snow capped peaks, and do a little detail work in the fore and middle ground.

Richard McKinley gave us a project to do on our own.  It is to do the same painting about 9 times in different ways that he specified in the handout.  One of these days I will do it.  It sounds like a good exercise.  As much as I liked doing this little exercise of my own above, I think I'd like to move on to another subject!


ti-igra said...

AMAZING pastel!!! Carolyn! Wow!
Yes, this aspect is more successful! The lake has great looks, and I really love the color of water. The mountains are more snow. In this paper, more air and space.
Very beautiful! Great job, Carolyn! :-))))))

Ida M. Glazier said...

Hello! To me, this one is really nice---and the watercolor under painting is nice too. In the underpainting, you have pulled the color down at the banks of the pond and it works really well- and helped you later I think. This painting is very sucsessful and very nice work!!! You are getting the hang of that underpainting.

Carolyn Jean Thompson said...

Thanks Ida and Ti-Igra. Yes, that underpainting dripped into the lake and made for an interesting look under the pastel.