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Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Little Study of Snow

Looking back at my photographic references of snow scenes, I am reminded how the camera doesn't pick up the variations in color in the light and shadow.  My photographs look all monochromatic!  The photos were also way too complicated.  So I took a small section of a photo and simplified it.  At this time it is not a good composition, but a good practice piece.

First I did a watercolor underpainting using Paynes Grey and throwing in some greens, blues and purples.  I did light washes of the snow area with these colors as well.

Then I did a layer of yellow on the sunlit snow in pastel and rubbed it in with my finger.  Then I did a layer of light peach on the yellowed snow, and also in the snow that will be shadow, and rubbed that in.  Then I did different shades of blue on the snow in shadow.  Next I used a white colored Nupastel over the sunlit snow - really thickly, but the warm colors still show through.

The dark background and tree stumps were just loosely scumbled with dark pastels.  My main purpose was to work on the snow.  I think I can now proceed to a larger painting, now that I have practised.

Earlier this day I was a participant at our local Celtic Faire.  I joined my spinners and weavers group and we demonstrated.  We were right next to the area where the bagpipe competitions were going on.  It was a fun day.

1 comment:

ti-igra said...

COOL DAY, Carolyn! :-)
I see you in the beautiful hat! :)))) WOW! :)))))))))))))))))))
Oh! I see people in a kilt and tartan and I want dance with bagpipes sounds :)
And there are warm days! Yes? In Ukraine is cold weather now....

Carolyn, I love this pastel, because I feel winter in it!!!
I hold in my head still picture I saw from the bus window in frosty-snow day! And your picture is consistent with my feelings!
Snow is very picturesque and at the same time - though it is white. And so difficult to paint a snow close to reality!

Thank you, Carolyn! Your message gave me a great mood for the day ahead! I wish you a wonderful day also! Hurrey! :-)