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Friday, October 8, 2010

Cool Pears! Fancy Background!

Our second project with Anne Abgott was to take what we learned about mingling and apply it to 1) first the colors of the pears, then 2) to the values of the pears.  We did a red pear first, then a green pear.  She has spent a lot of time testing colors to get the perfect mix for the objects in her still lifes - so if we did not have the "right" brand and color paint, she gave us a little dab. 

She had a variety of backgrounds we could choose from - and I chose the "gold gesso" stamped background.  After laying a piece of paper cut out to protect the pears, we used her texture stamps to stamp in gold gesso and stamp it on our paper.  Then she showed us how to paint with rich dark colors in a marbled way.  Cool!


ti-igra said...

Cool - not the word! My jaw fell down! :-) Such wonderful combination of colors and this texture! Wow! This is something! I see - warm-cold transitions, from the pears to background, from the shadows - to pear! Wonderful! Great job, Carolyn!

We are looking forward to your work! And Good luck! You are doing a wonderful job!

LIZ said...

LOVE this background!!!!