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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Slowly and patiently...

I'm adding pastel ... slowly.   So, this isn't done yet ... so, while you wait ... I'm decorating my house for Halloween!!!!


ti-igra said...

We are waiting, we are waiting! Tra-lalala-la :)))))
Great grass! Wow! Slowly but picture is appear!!! :)))) Hurrey! Lovely colors!

Halloween! WOW! Me and my friend, we're going to decorate the studio on Saturday for the Class on Sunday! It should be a surprise for everyone. Carolyn, maybe you advise what can be done by hand, except Jack Pumpkin-head :-)

Carolyn Jean Thompson said...

Hi Ti-Igra! I don't know what is available to you in Ukraine, but an easy decoration is the artificial spiderweb you stretch around on things. Also, orange and black crepe paper spools can be twisted and taped along the walls. Here is a website from Martha Stewart's decoration ideas:
Have fun!

ti-igra said...

Oh! Thank you, Carolyn!
This holiday is not very popular here :-) But still I want to feel the spirit of the Celts!
:-))))) I think I know now what to do! :)
THank you for you help!

Euphoria said...

I´ll be here waiting for the painting to be done and for the halloween pictures.