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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Field Study - desert view

Early in the morning, as I faced this view, the sun was above the hills and shining in my face.  It glittered off of the tops of the palm trees.  It lighted the ridges of the mountains.

This is a field study of this scene.  I messed up the values a bit.  I think it was because I did not use an umbrella.  When your painting is in the shade, but the pastels are in the sun, it can mess you up a bit.  I can either work on it at home, or start a new one with my photo and this painting as a reference.


Ida M. Glazier said...

You are so busy!!! Amazing work ethics!! You are right of course, about keeping both painting and pastels in the same light as you work, but---geez, this light you have captured for this time of day at this different place is really wonderful!!! Don't discount your effort, good work!

Euphoria said...

Painting outdoors is complicated for me. I just like to have all the materials on the table and feel confortable. I guess I don't paint outside also because I never copy, I never draw what I see, I may get inspired with reality or pictures but at the end, I just draw what I imagine. I admire your effort.

Sharon said...

I always enjoy your posts and appreciate the time you take to put them together. You're a virtual teacher :)

ti-igra said...

Sun, sun, sun! :) Happy trees on your painting, Carolyn!!!!! Very beautiful, soft mountains and happy palms and rocks! Hugs! :)))