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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hiking with my painting gear

9 x 12 pastel
I bought a larger backpack, with the help of an REI associate.  I have never backpacked, and there were so many to choose from - most of which were too big.  I needed one for my pastel box, a backboard, and all the other stuff.  I ended up with a large "day pack".  It had straps on the bottom which I attach the tripod.  There is a pouch on each side for water and a drink - a necessity in the desert.

It worked perfectly!  But heavy!  Even with the new "backpack" size pastel box.  I ended up carrying the pastel box by hand and everything else on or in the backpack.

I visited The Living Desert park in Palm Desert, California.  I had never gone out on their "nature trail" which goes outside of the park into the desert.  I hiked about 20-30 minutes and stopped at one of their bench seats to rest.  Seemed like a good place to paint, so I did the painting above.

Then I went up the trail a little farther and saw where it starts to scramble up the canyon and then loops along the ridge on the other side to come back.  Another day.....  So, I headed back to the park and found I was exhausted!  Feet, shoulders, back.  Just plain pooped!

You can see more pictures of the Park on my website blog here.  When you get there, just click on "Artist's Blog".  I have some photos of the cactus and desert palms.


Euphoria said...

I think this painting is beautiful. I look at it and I imagine the place you've visited. I'm glad you bought a bag to carry all the artistic materials and I'm hoping to see more of the places you visit through your paintings.

ti-igra said...

This place is really beautiful! So interesting colors, I've never seen before in our landscapes here :) And you painted it with your soul-eyes :) I love how changes-twinkles colors in your pastel :) Carolyn! Thank you for telling a story about your journey! :) As always so interesting to here your stories!