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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Oasis Stream" plein air pastel painting

I went to Indian Canyons in Palm Springs.  I went on a short trail I'd never been on, called Andreas Canyon.  It was lovely!  I got there at 8am and the sun was coming through the trees up the canyon, highlighting the gurgling stream.  I was all by myself with the sound of the stream for music.

I started with a watercolor underpainting, then did an "impression" of the view in pastel.  I love the natural palm trees with all the dead fronds hanging down like huge hula skirts!  The sun highlights the edges in a warm orange color.

When I was done, I drove toward the main canyon visitor center and trailhead, but spotted a large group of plein air painters!  I stopped to visit and found out they were taking a 3-day oil painting class from Mark Kerckhoff (from San Juan Capistrano).  I got his information so I might take a class someday (maybe get a few oil paints first!).

1 comment:

ti-igra said...

GREAT orange and violet! As you said, "impression" :))) Really impression from colors and your story of these palms! I remember, you painted palms, such like these - and there were purple and warm reflections too! Indeed, I've never seen before them, but now I know their souls from your pictures, dear! That's incredible! :)))
And artist - AWESOME! I saw his palms on the web site! WOW!