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Monday, April 27, 2009

Down Into the Hoodoos, Bryce Canyon

Well, here I am, down to the wire, four days to go...and, wait! It looks like I may have something to enter the Pastel Society of the West Coast's annual show. I picked a different view of the Hoodoos to paint. I'm painting for the first time ever on an Ampersand Pastel Bord (more expensive than papers). I started by enlarging the picture freehand on a sketchpad. Then transferring the linear design to the board. Next, I experimented with the local colors on my sketchbook design. The next step was to block in the underpainting with pastel. I now like to have different hues of colors in my underpainting - not monochromatic. Then, a brushed-on wash of turpenoid to dilute and spread around the pastel (like watercolor). Lately, I've been adding one more layer of darks, and a second turp wash. This is because my first attempt just doesn't get enough dark in the most important places. Lastly, I go at it with pastel. In this painting I'm working from top to bottom. I took a lot of pictures at each step. Now, again, I am at that point where I could get excited, rush, and MESS UP. So I forced myself to do something else. I'm going to put this aside until tomorrow to do the finishing touches, save it to disk, and send it on with my entry!

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