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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Painting from a Kawaii Vacation

Originally, I was not going to share this painting, but, my daughter and I went to Disneyland today, so I didn't paint anything. Over a year ago, we went to Kawaii. What made this trip unusual was that my husband was recovering from a total hip replacement. He is really doing great with his new hip now. I even forget he had it done until I see the scar. Anyway, back to my Disneyland story: my daughter is 29 years old and this was our first trip to Disneyland together. I always wanted to go with my kids, living in California then, it was a typical family vacation. But, being a single mom with barely enough money getting by, it was not in the cards for me. Their dad, however, must have taken them on three occasions while they were kids (Disneyland Dad). My daughter went later with girlfriends and college friends. She knows how to "do" Disneyland. So she was my tourguide. We got there when it opened, made a beeline for the most popular rides and got those fastpasses, and we did it all before 1:00. We had hardly any line waiting, and had lunch at 11:00 and missed crowds there. It was awsome. I figure it was over 30 years since I was there last. It was a very special mom/daughter day!

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Sharon said...

What a great experience for both of you. We went with son Josh and his kids a couple of years ago. I hope it never gets old for me.