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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Orchard Valley

I tweeked, I brushed off some, I put more back on...I must have spent as much time adjusting today as I did painting the whole thing yesterday! But, when I sign it, I really am done. Well, almost. I did tweek it again after signing. But now I'm REALLY done!

Thank goodness for bunny breaks. When I think I'm getting carried away, overdoing one area, I go upstairs and pet bunnies. We adopted a lost bunny the other day, from someone at my husband's office who found the little Netherland Dwarf in her front yard a few days ago. Cuddly bunny! So calm and quiet, likes to be petted. That makes 3 bunnies now. But I think this one is going to be Stan's!


Sharon said...

i don't always comment, but I always look. I really enjoy your posts, especially as you work through the stages. Thanks for sharing - I love watching your work.

LIZ said...

I really like this new landscape! It has a nice peaceful feel and there's something a little surreal about it somehow. Very nice. AND what a sweet little new bunny!