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Monday, April 13, 2009

Sketches and Studies

We are home now from our family vacation. It was fun, a little chaotic, but mostly a successful trip. Even the weather was better than the forecast, which we were delighted and grateful, so the toddlers could enjoy the pool and the beach a few days before it cooled down. All the way home (it is a long, long drive) I thought about what my next painting projects would be. I finally started to put my thoughts into action today, but, not as much as I wanted to. Getting home still means unpacking, laundry, watering plants, shopping....but I got started!!!! Tomorrow will be a more productive day.

Here is a watercolor sketch (study) and a value sketch of a valley full of blooming orchards. Since this is mostly from my head, I need to work out some things on paper. I am soooo affected by what is going on around me! Trees are starting to pop into bloom around here. And you have to look at them, because tomorrow the desert winds may blow the petals all off!

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