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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Terri's Workshop - Day One

The following day, Terri Ford gave a two-day pastel painting workshop. Her demo was of an ocean rocky beachscape, using a white sanded surface paper and underpainting in reds and purples and pinks. After you pastel paint over it in the real colors, the little bits of underpainting colors glow through and give an exciting punch to the painting.

We all brought our own photos to work from, and I chose some aspen trees in fall colors. Here is my painting. It was very exciting (and also a bit confusing at first) to paint over all the fuchsia and red and orange colors I underpainted with. Terri showed me a really neat trick how to do twigs without drawing them, and they come out very natural looking. I'll be using that trick from now on!

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