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Monday, May 18, 2009

Beautiful Roses and a Sock Still-Life

I finally finished my roses. I'm very happy with them.

Last Saturday I was close to finishing them, but had to pack up the pets (3 bunnies and birdies in a cage) and join my husband at our Truckee house to do "maintenance" and hang-out. With 90 degree weather here in Reno, a ten degree cooler climate was very nice. My car was totally full, and I thought I wouldn't have time to paint, so, I brought a knitting project instead. Socks! Don't need them now in hot weather, but, if an artist loves color, it doesn't really matter what you "paint" with. So, here is the progress of my own designed socks...(the blue area is the heel). When I took the photo - my impression was a "still-life". Notice the balance of shapes and lines, color and pattern - great composition! Yeah, I'm in a goofy mood.


Sharon said...

I like the color in your socks. It looks like you're doing real colorwork instead of knitting with computer dyed yarn - very pretty.

LIZ said...

Your roses are gorgeous! And your sox are nice too!