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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lilac Blossoms in Watercolor

After spending a lovely Sunday Brunch with my daughter for Mother's Day, I sat outside in my yard under my canopy and painted the lilac blossoms. I decided to use a negative painting technique. Here is an example of negative painting - a detail of a painting I did in Jan Foss's class - of lace. You draw the lace "holes" on your paper, then paint the holes.

So, I started with my sketch of the lilacs, and painted around them for the background, and painted the "holes" in the clusters of lilacs.

Next, I dropped in some "lilac colors" in the clusters. When dry, I started (on the right) to indicate the flowerlets with a watercolor pensil. Then going back in the spaces between the flowerlets with a darker color, or just wetting the pensil so it would bleed.

That's all for today....

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