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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Six Favorite Things

OK, now I got tagged by Mim to tell about six little things that make me happy. But what is a Meme? How do you "tag" someone? Oh, well, I'll list them here:

1. watching my horse and listening to him munch on grain

2. holding and cuddling soft fluffy bunnies

3. painting with bold bright colors

4. spinning the softest fleece I can get my hands on

5. hearing songbirds in Spring

6. going for a quick dip in Lake Tahoe on the hottest day of the year

So, now I'm supposed to tag six other people. Uh-Oh, I don't know that many bloggers.

1. Liz

Maybe Liz can keep this going....
The painting above is of Lake Tahoe. I did it a year ago in pastel. Tomorrow is our last day of class with Margot Schulzke. We have the option of bringing a painting for a critique, so I thought I'd bring this one.


LIZ said...

I found this out:
You "tag" by listing the people on your blog who you want to tag. You then go to their blogs and leave a comment that they have been "tagged" and refer them back to your blog entry where they were tagged.

It's considered to be courteous if you check with them or check their blogs to see if they want to be tagged or to receive awards. Many bloggers enjoy being tagged and receiving awards and many don't. :-)

Carolyn said...

Thanks Liz for finding this out for me!

Mim said...

I havn't been a good Meme'r this is the first for me also. Sharon had me Google Wikipedia to look up the word. Very nice definition. Good job concidering you didn't know what was up and I didn't let you know! ;o)