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Sunday, May 31, 2009

More on Santa Fe

I bought myself a small Navaho rug from Two Grey Hills, New Mexico. This is my first rug purchase. The yarn is all natural colored wool. I have tried weaving geometric shapes like this on a tapestry loom and I can appreciate how difficult it is. (I will never show what I did!)

Santa Fe has wonderful courtyards with shops and restaurants and gardens inside. I'd love to park an easle in there and paint away.

I love the architecture, the sky and the clouds.

We visited the Georgia O'Keefe Museum, where we saw her watercolors, oils and pastels. We saw this painting of the Jimson Weed, which is back from being in the White House.

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Mim said...

How wonderful to be traveling to such beautiful places. Good thing you do have a camera!