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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pastel Convention - Day Two

Opening Day at the Races! And there off! Shop till you drop....

We all waited in a long line for the doors to the IAPS Trade Show...where we could see pastel products, test them, and buy them. My first stop was at Terry Ludwig's table, where we could fill our own box with open stock. Decisions, decisions! What colors, what fun!

Next, I attended a demonstration by Michael Chesley Johnson. He presented a method for folks to try if they are having trouble getting the values right. He began with a gray-scale underpainting on Kitty Wallis white sanded paper. Then, picked his colored pastels to match the gray value "map". Since the gray was "fixed" with an alcohol or turpenoid wash, the gray did not affect or muddy his colors placed over it. Here are some pictures of the three stages.

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