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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our lilac plant finally bloomed!

We planted a lilac (the tag said it was purple) and for 5 years it grew and grew, and this year it finally bloomed! But white! But, at least our neighbor has a purple one that hangs over into our yard over the fence. The fragrance is spicy and sweet. After cutting a little vase-full, I set out to draw them, since I've never painted or drawn them before. Complicated! Clusters of little flowers, and yet the clusters have a shape too. So, I got to know them up close and personal. Counted the petals, made notes.

We finally had a non-windy day! For weeks it has been blowing hard. Not fun. I don't visit my horse when it is like that. And he lives in the famous valley (Washoe Valley) where it made national news when the wind blew a big rig over. So, today, he got a visit from me. He was very happy to see me, and I - him. And I'm very happy to be feeling my old self and back to art-work.

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