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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Some of my favorite art books

I've been doing more reading than painting as of late. Not feeling too good. Aches. Probably the flu that is going around. When I saw that my mother's day card didn't really turn out that great, I think it reflected how I was feeling. So, time to break out my art books and re-read while on a heat-pack on my back and shoulders. Here are some of my favorites.
Design and Composition by Margot Schulzke is very good. I learn so much faster from today's books, with color photos illustrating the text on the same page. Margot is an excellent writer.
Glorious Garden Flowers in Watercolor by Susan Harrison-Tustain has step-by-step pictures and easy to read description of how to paint difficult flowers.
Composition of Outdoor Painting by Edgar Payne (1941) is very good but very hard to read. I have the 7th edition (2005) and I was surprised how many typos, misspellings and grammatical errors I found. It made reading even more difficult, aside from the old-fashioned style of writing and words. It also slowed me down to have to flip to other pages to the illustration plates to see what he was talking about. But the basics of composition are invaluable. Next time I read it I'm going to (OMG!) mark up the book with my corrections, or, make a notebook with my own notes and interpretations for easy re-reading of the most important stuff.
The Pastelist's Year - Painting the Four Seasons in Pastel, by Elizabeth Mowry was my first pastel book purchase. It has examples of the different methods to apply pastel and some very nice step-by-step landscape paintings.

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