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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Afternoon Cholla" pastel painting

This is a little study from a photo I took in Palm Desert.  This was one of those paintings that I labored over.

I feel real bad about the disasters in Japan.  Years ago I was a summer exchange student there.  Not in the areas that are talked about in the news, but sometimes I wonder if the hosting families I stayed with have relatives there. 

The weather here has been rainy, gloomy and windy and cold.  A jackhammer has been hammering away across the street for 3 full days now.  I try to be creative with all of this - but it is harder, I admit it.

The good news is that I'm done preparing taxes for our CPA!  One big cloud over my head is gone!!!!!

1 comment:

ti-igra said...

Hi, Carolyn! :-D
This is a wonderful start! I love your pastel cactus, now they are growing between the stones of your landscapes!
Dear Carolyn! You have a sacral link with this country and people there!

About helping for Japan! You may read articles here, in new blog of Genie Espinosa:
how we, the artists may help!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!!!
And GOOD LUCK! :-))))))))