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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Practising on the paper I love to hate!

12 x 9 pastel "Granite Study"

I will be taking a workshop this summer from an artist who does fantastic alpine landscapes on this paper.  So, not only am I practising granite rock studies, but I am practising on this Canson paper.  Grrr!  I can see I need more practise!


Euphoria said...

Good for you! Since I have so little time to paint I guess I´d never use something I hate, but I can really see you are trying and says a lot about you, my friend.

ti-igra said...

This picture reminds me of Tolkien's drawings of the Silmarillion. I love it! So you do not talk! I'm ery happy for you, my beautiful friend! I wish you wonderful days with painting this summer!!! :-)))
Lovely colours!!!

Carolyn said...

Thanks so much Kira and Ti!