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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Open to Change" another Bodie, California painting

I finished this one today.  It was started with watercolor pencils and watercolor, and then I finished it up with Prismacolor traditional colored pencils. 

I have started another Bodie sketch while babysitting Baby Whit.  This is a good medium to take to babysit.  Baby Whit is starting to smile more and interact!  I am thinking about illustrating my own little book for him.  More on that later....


Euphoria said...

JUST LOVE IT! I feel it has a lot of meaning. Maybe a painted-metaphore?

ti-igra said...

So beautiful! These pink clouds in the sky! So soft and gracefully! :-))))
Carolyn, we are waiting for your books!!!! It will be Super! :-)))))))
Wish you have nice days with your familY!