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Friday, March 4, 2011

I made my own mini pastel box!

I got this idea from a fellow artist at a plein air workshop (Karen Margulis).  I went to Michaels Craft Store and bought a wooden purse for about $5.00.  I had some left-over Varathane from refinishing furniture and sealed the wood inside and out.  Then, I had some foam pieces from Harry & David fruit box we got as a gift and cut it to fit in the bottom and top.  Then I picked all my broken or small pieces out of my every-day palette and put them in this 6 x 8 box.  Awww, ain't it cute?

I plan to take this little mini box (and mini paper!) with me on trips where we have to fly.  These are vacation trips, so I plan to sit on a park bench or the grass and work in my lap on a small board.  The other way I'd like to use this is in a saddle pack when I ride my horse in the mountains in the summer.  Only thing I need then is a tree to tie Casey to!


LIZ said...

Good idea! Very cute!

Ida M. Glazier said...

Love your little box, great Idea! I recently got an alunimun box, that had gun cleaning stuff in it and re--did it with memory foam for a lighter pastle plein-air box. It fits into my backpack, and really isn't very big at all. I love it! also, I may have gotten into the Cone workshop!! I got an email about it yesterday!!

Carolyn said...

Ida - that's GREAT! I'm soooo glad you made it into the Bill Cone Workshop!

ti-igra said...

COOL!!! :-) Great idea, Carolyn! I want have such box too! I have a paper-boxes, they constantly breaks and curve!
I think your invention will be very easy to use and it looks so beautiful!!!
:-)))) COOL!!!!!!
Adventures waiting for you! Uhuhuuu!