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Thursday, March 24, 2011

It is snowing again and I want to paint spring flowers!

9 x 12 pastel over watercolor underpainting
on white Canson paper

Last spring my spinning and weaving guild met at a member's log cabin in the high Sierras.  This was the view from her cabin!  They had planted all these beautiful blue, pink and white wildflowers on the slope, and this is the neighbor's barn in the background.  What a beautiful spot!

My good friend Ida told me that Canson holds up to watercolor underpainting.  So, I gave it a try here.  It didn't buckle too much, but it was a little bumpy to pastel on (I'm too lazy to stretch the paper like Ida does!).  Anyway, it passed my test.  I am also doing the same test painting on Strathmore Pastel Paper, but it is still in the works. 

Goodness - the snow is piling up outside! 


comic said...

i like..

Ida M. Glazier said...

This is really a nice spot for a cabin! The meadow really makes it! I am glad you are experimenting, these snowy days are good for that! Strecthing the paper isn't to time consuming at all, and makes the painting so much more fun, no ripples. I also use plexiglass for a paiting board, and no strecthing at all! Love this cabin setting.

Ron said...

Nice one. Cant wait for things to thaw and head to the high country. Your watercolor catus is amazing.

Carolyn said...

Thanks Ron and Ida and Comic!

ti-igra said...

:-))) Hello, Carolyn, my friend!
There was snow with rain from friday toooo!!! Omg, soooo wet! Brrrr!
And your picture as a window in warm and soft days!
This is a cozy feeling of comfort, like when you are lying in the dry grass and breathe the aroma of flowers! Wonderful!
Sooo wonderful pastel, Carolyn!!!!!
Great composition and mood!