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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Looking forward to spring!

9 x 12 watercolor, watercolor pencil, traditional colored pencil
(this is a little lavender farm near my home)

Up here in the high desert, lavender blooms early July.  But isn't amazing that we even have it here?  I think so.  I always think of mediterranean or Southern France when people talk of lavender fields. 

All that snow melted in our Truckee Meadows, and today we sat outside on our patio (the umbrellas are still in storage) and began to perspire in the hot sun!  We watched as the daffodil buds started to turn from green to yellow!  I think that if I look out the window in one hour, they may have popped out of their bud covers.


Sharon said...

I only have two surviving lavender plants and they are pretty scraggly. I wish it would grow here since it's so pretty and rabbits don't eat it.

ti-igra said...

Uhuhuuu!!! So joyful post, Carolyn! :-)))
Yeees. it is a miracle - a Spring, Borning! I am impressed too, how the sun is beautiful, warm! How we depend from sunlight!

Your picture is very-very beautiful, with really mood of warm cozy days! :-)
Thank you for such cool mood, Carolyn!!!

Ida M. Glazier said...

I love lavendar and hope to plant some bushes of if this year. What a nice painting! did you do it while sitting on your patio? thats great! At last we can see the ground here, too, but its muddy!