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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Field Study - plein air pastel painting

9 x 6 pastel

When the weather becomes mild temperatures and no wind - you have to seize the moment!  That is what I did here.  I packed my mini pastel box and loaded my horse in the trailer and we went to Washoe Lake.  There was still patchy snow on the desert hills, and we went up there, following a dirt road.  After a while, the snow got deeper and I decided to lead him back down.  Don't want him to slip on slushy snow with me on his back.  I had my insulated snow-riding boots on - with tread - so I was fine sloshing through the snow.  When we got back to the trailer he was happy to "nap" there while I did this little pastel field study from the picnic benches.


Euphoria said...

Sounds and LOOKS great!!!

ti-igra said...

I'm feel this day! You paint! Day for reflection! Cool colours and super-warm road with ideas! Sooo beautiful!