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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Experiment With Texture and Watercolor

My Mom was sick and I needed to help her out and walk her dog ... so with little time I literally threw an experiment together.  I wet the paper on both sides and poured and dripped paint on.  Then I took a handful of grass hay and scattered it on the wet paint.  It didn't lay down on the paint, so I placed a sheet of acrylic over it and a weight (my art backpack) to press the hay down into the paint. 

Hours later when it was dry I brushed the hay away.  Very dull, pale paint and not much texture.  Hmmmf!  So I set it aside thinking it was a bust.

While having lunch I gazed over at it and started to see things!  Yes, leaves AGAIN.  I must have a thing about leaves.  So I started to enhance the leaves and the grass texture.  Maybe this will turn into something afterall.  My Mom sounds better today, so maybe this afternoon I can play with it some more ...


Euphoria said...

I see a snake somewhere behind the leaves...
I usually do the same thing with my paintings and then I always discover flowers.
I´m glad your mom is feeling better.

Carolyn Jean Thompson said...

I looked for your snake. Maybe I saw it, I'm not sure. I am looking for a frog. It would be fun to put a frog in there somewhere.

ti-igra said...

Carolyn! This is so exciting! How do you invent new and new! This exciting activity for you and for us - watch the process! This fantastic pictures! I love them! :)
Let your mom not sick more!!!

These watercolor really like a stalk with leaves near the river. Something enigmatic and real, as in life. And there is a snail on the grass! And I think that frog may be here too! :-)))