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Monday, May 17, 2010

Today's Experiment with Watercolor

Someone put a bee in my bonnet about experimenting!  The last project was fun, and I thought I'd try it again from the beginning, but with a theme in mind.  I like the leaf shapes I did in the last one, so "Fallen Leaves" will be this painting.

Since it is so easy to forget what you did and when - I took several pictures along the way, and I am posting this - kind of - for myself - to document what I did.

First, I wet the paper on both sides, Then I scattered cut-out leaf shapes from rice paper and long strips of cheese cloth, then placed a few garden rocks on.  I poured from little cups, fresh paint mixed with about 10 parts water to paint.  The colors I used were Daniel Smith: Goelith, Quinacrodone Sienna, Hansa Yellow Deep, Diopside Green and Indathrone Blue.  I poured them randomly.  Then I sprayed a few dry areas with a coarse water sprayer bottle.  Then I sprinkled some sand in some places.  I let the colors spread and mingle for a while, but when the yellow area was turning green, I brought out the hairdryer. 

Once dry enough, I pulled off the paper leaves, the gauze, the rocks and dusted off the sand.

Now, I am ready to do more accent stuff to it with pensils and paint.

I am saving the paper leaves, they were pretty themselves, and I may collage them in another work.


Euphoria said...

WOW! This is soooo different from the usual things you show us.
Keep experimenting!

ti-igra said...

Carolyn! So interesting! It is such an enigma! First, so many things and all very warm and pleasant, stones that heat the sun in your yard. From the leaves created a form fowls bottom left:) Beautiful!!!!!
Waiting for sequel! :-)))))