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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Finishing an old unfinished painting number two!

Well, it's good to be back!  We had a little sickness in the family among other things, so time slid by.  Today I pulled out this painting unfinished - from a class two or more years ago.  This class was about doing a little frame within the picture for fun.  Some of the leaves come out of the frame, and the rest of the flower is behind the frame.  I haven't painted the frame yet, it is still in pensil.  It is a cute idea, but entirely the teacher's style.  So, today, I decided to do something REALLY different.  I decided to make the outside daytime and inside the frame nighttime - with stars in the sky.  This is kinda storybook or illustration type work that is off my beaten path normally, but it is fun to do something where you think "outside of the box". 

It is a nice day today!  The last few days have been awful - rain, sleet, snow, cold wind!  So, today spring is back and my yard needed watering.  Mrs. Quail started incubating her eggs last Sunday, so I knew I was going to upset the applecart.  When I touched the tap, she scooted away and Mr. Q and all the relatives nearby put up a chattering alarm.  They were very upset I was messing near the nest.  I tied some plastic bags around the leaky tap, hoping that would help the water from dripping on the eggs, and then proceeded to water the yard.  The quail left after 10 minutes.  I went back to painting, hoping they would come back.  Finally about an hour and a half later, I heard them nearby.  So I went in to post this entry.  I saw Mr. Q on the fence clucking to his mate that the coast was clear.  Now all is quiet.  I hope she went back.  I'm afraid to look.  She might be jumpy now.


Euphoria said...

You would like my teacher, she insists we should break the structures. I think the concept of this work is very original, and as you already know, I love flowers.

Please tell us more about Mr Q and the eggs.

LIZ said...

Love the lily & can't wait to see what you do with it. This would make a lovely needlework!
Thanks for the Quail update!!

Carolyn Jean Thompson said...

Yes, now that you mention it Liz, it would make a great needlepoint design.

ti-igra said...

Hello, Carolyn!!! O! This is a good news that all you have no sick and you are back in painting!
So interesting read your stories! I imagine all your day-adventuring, all actors such Mr. Q and Mrs. Quail!
:-) And I also admire how you always finish an old projects! Wow! For me this is a very hard to force myself.
You decided to implement their plan! This is great! And I like your unusual approach! This will be a great job! Beautiful :)