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Monday, May 24, 2010

"Summer Garden" or "What we've been waiting for! Summer!"

OK, summer ... we are waiting ... enough of this winter stuff!

Miss Lucky would also like to go outside and play.


LIZ said...

Lovely! I just love these watercolors you are doing.
And Miss Lucky is the prettiest of all your pictures! I'm so happy she is feeling better.

ti-igra said...

Yes, enough winter, Summer - Come! :-)

Hello, Miss Lucky! Hey! I see you are feels good! I happy! :-) She sits and thinks: "Well enough to watch, let me have oatmeal cookies!" :)))))

Carolyn! Your flowers so-o-o-o beautiful and realistic and colors so fresh and summery! At first I thought that these flowers from your garden until I read your previous post!
Great work!!! :-)))