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Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Summer Garden" painting in progress

This is another mixed media I started.  First I sprayed the paper with water, then splattered some paint on, then dropped some objects on.  I used various sized beads, thinking they would make flower shapes, but I found my selection was too small.  Once dry, I removed the beads and objects and then began enhancing some of the shapes and colors I saw.  It still needs some definition of flowers on the left-hand side, and more rich darks. 

We have had ridiculously cold weather.  Popcorn snow today, and close to freezing temperatures at night.  My poor Mrs. Quail gave up the nest.  This is probably a little early in the season to be raising a fragile little brood. 

My bunnies have had to deal with staying indoors.  Pixie misses her backyard outing with her boyfriend.  So when I turn her out of her pen to run around the room and hallways, she chooses to be near her sweetheart.

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