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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Mountain Pond" pastel

11 x 14 pastel on board

We've had yucky weather for days and days - high winds - 35-55mph.  Drizzles, clouds, cold.  Good time to hole-up in the studio.

I so much enjoy a white surface to start with - to watercolor an underpainting first, and then pastel over it.  But ... I had purchased two PastelBords 2 years ago in a buff-ochre-ish color.  I was getting low on my stash, so I thought I'd try it here.  Oh my gosh, things really went awry for me ... I don't know why.  This painting was a struggle from the get go.

Rather than get all mad about it, I just figured it was a "practice session" and a chance to push myself in many ways.  I want to do more pond scenes so this was a good one to practice reflections, values, warms and cools, trying to get different greens in there to make sense, and the most difficult for me .... the shore where grass was growing.

It was a good exercise and I think I learned a bit.


Sharon said...

Oh I do love this painting, it's one of my more favorites. You nailed the reflections.

LIZ said...

I think it is wonderful! The reflections in the pond are great & I love the misty trees in the background.

ti-igra said...

Hi, dear Carolyn! I feel the haze far - very atmospherical painting! It reminds me landscapes in the North of Russia, near the Finland :))) Very beautiful! And I feel - the fairy tale lives there! :))
P.S. Snow here too again, SPRING, COME!!!!!!!!!

Carolyn Jean Thompson said...

Wow, thank you art friends!!!! I'm so glad it is something I can value. Sometimes when you work so hard at something, all you remember is the struggle and the scene you were excited about in the beginning is not so thrilling anymore. It's friends like you that make me realize it was not all for naught.

ti-igra said...

Of Course, dear!!!!!! :)))))))

And HAPPY St Patrick's Day! :*

Hurray!!!!!!!!! :)))))