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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Garden Bird Feeder - a pastel painting

I finished this today.  This was done on peach colored La Carte Pastel Card.  I really love this paper.  If I could do a bird on the feeder, I would, but I was afraid I would botch it up!


ti-igra said...

Oh! I got in the magical fairy world of Alice's Wonderland! This peach color of the paper as if it has allocated hollyhocks on the background. This incredible journey into a fairy tale of your yard! And birds there flies like butterflies! How I love the pastels! This is something mysterious and full of light, is light and joy, thanks, Carolyn! I love your pastels so much and always inspiring!

LIZ said...

This is so lovely and I can almost see the little fairies flitting around!