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Friday, July 16, 2010

My Own Garden - pastel plein air on a hot day!

My new way of working these days is to wear a swimsuit, go for a swim, wrap a towel around me, walk back to my yard, and paint while soaking wet!  Even under the shade of my pop-up canopy, it is nearly 100 degrees.  This is a start on a new painting - with a bird feeder and my hollyhocks in the background.


ti-igra said...

O! How I understand you, Carolyn! We have the same kind of situation with the weather, perhaps the greenhouse effect! Forecast hot weekend!
Hide in your yard, listen your birds and draw in the shade.
Carolyn, such a warm atmosphere and hollyhocks, hollyhocks, hollyhocks! It's so beautiful! I feel the scent! O! Excellent pastel, wonderful days! :-)

Euphoria said...

Your rutine can not be more different than mine these days, it`s very cold down here, Lara is ill and we have to stay home all day long watching Baby tv, reading the same books 20 times, drawing dots and lines with her crayons and eating bananas and drinking orange juice.
Your pastel is lovely, you know I like gardens... :)

Carolyn said...

Ti-Igra - I love your favorite flowers! Kira - Ah, yes, we sure do live in different latitudes! And I remember seeing children movies over and over again, reading the same stories 20 times! Soon I will be doing it all over again - when my daughter has her firstborn and I am babysitter!