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Monday, July 19, 2010

"Hope Valley Morning" a pastel plein air painting

The other day I joined some other pastel painters up in the high Sierra Mountains for a paint-out in Hope Valley, California, elevation 8-9,000 feet.  In July it is spring there, the wildflowers were out, and it was about 85 degrees, which was a lovely cool break from the high 90's in the valleys below.  This was my first painting.  I spent 1-1/2 hours on it on location, then about 25 minutes this morning doing the final touches.  This is on La Carte pastel card in the color light grey.  It is really more like a greenish-grey, which is always a good color for a landscape.

I have two more paintings I did that day to show, but before I touch them up, I must go ride my horse before it reaches 99 degrees!


LIZ said...

Beautiful! My temperature just dropped a few degrees appreciating this lovely scene!

Euphoria said...

Ohhh I see you are working a lot these days. Good for you! I can tell you are really inspired by looking at your work.
...I must add something else... I ENVY YOU! I wish I had a horse!

ti-igra said...

SUPERB! This is a real inspiration on paper. So it seems that it is I standing and looking far ahead! I once again look, go and look, sharing your pastel with my friend!
And he was very impressed! Such soft colors and shades that you want to watch and watch again! FANTASTICO!!! :-)
I have no words just feelings of joy, Carolyn!

Ida M. Glazier said...

I really like how this painting finnished up!! The light on the distance moutain is soo real, I have seen it this way. Your shawdows are just dark enough and the lead-in is gentel, yet pulls your eye right along----Its really nice work, Carolyn----you were just so ready for this!!

Ida M. Glazier said...

Beautiful work, Carolyn- Love the foreground and that distance Mt. with the morning light!