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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Nona's Greenhouse" - a pastel plein air painting

I finished it!  It was quite fun to do.  My husband thought it looked like a Hobbit garden.  Actually, the garden really is a great garden for fairies, hobbits and sprites.  Maybe that's why she called it "The Enchanted Garden".


ti-igra said...

O! Carolyn! I had not read the text you wrote, and first looked at the picture and thought that this fairy tale about the wonderful place! As if fabulous! It is such a wonderful pastels! I so love it! You are so beautiful painted glass in the house and a tree and a bridge! Wow! :-))))

Euphoria said...

The title is just perfect, C!
I want to live in that Greenhouse, it looks great!
And maybe my fairies can live in that garden.
Wonderful work, the composition you´ve created is perfect.

LIZ said...

How pretty! You do find the nicest things to paint. Good job!

Ida M. Glazier said...

Wow---you have been busy!! Thats how you grow, and improve---and it shows so much. This little green house is nice work---both the colors and the drawing! I still think gardens and flowers very difficult.