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Sunday, July 25, 2010

"Little Stone Bridge" pastel painting - AND a bonus story about a Pow Wow

I finished this little bridge today.  Now I want to walk over it!

And now ... some pictures from a Pow Wow.  It was a hot, hot day out in the Nevada desert.  But the host tribe (Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe) had plenty of shade around the arena.  Mom and I started with an Indian Taco made from Indian Fry Bread.  Yum!  Then at noon the Grand Entry - all the different tribal dancers and singers parading in to drums and singers.  The ceremonial dress ranged from colorful and shiny contemporary fabrics and materials, to traditional leather, beads, feathers and bells.  I have never been to one of these, and my Mom, who is from the San Francisco Bay Area was really amazed.  Due to the heat, we did not stay for the competitions in singing and dancing.  But it was an event my Mom will be telling all her friends about.


ti-igra said...

Carolyn! You finished and done excellent wor! This is a great cool pastel! I love colors and these bushes of grass, stones! All is great!

Thank you for your photos! There are heat, and all dressed. Even the boots. Very nice festival, so there is so much fun shows that all festive and have girded of wonderful mood, I'm here dancing to the sounds of tam-tam! :-)
Hurrey! I am happy now more and MORE! :-))))
This holiday is very fun and all who participated tin this event are very happy! That's great! I see this on your foto and you and your mom had a very happy and yummy day!

Euphoria said...

Can I walk on the bridge with you? I like it sooo much, I think it would look perfect in a medieval story book for children. It´s so mysterious!
I see cheerful and lovely colours in those costumes and a sweet smile in your mother´s face.

Sharon said...

Oh boy, don't you wish you could have gotten a close look at their textiles. I would have probably gotten thrown out of the event!!