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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Quick Plein Air Paintings in Pastel

I've been riding my horse in the mornings to beat the summer heat.  There are two trails nearby that wander up shady canyons alongside creeks.  One is Whites Creek and has a lot of evergreen trees, the other is Thomas Creek which has a lot of aspen trees.  Both creeks are full and rushing from the snow melt of Mount Rose.  It is cool along the creeks and the sound of the stream is lovely.  After one ride, I tied Casey up to the hitch and brought my chair and paints out from the trailer and did a quick plein air of him. 

My husband and I had a fun weekend.  One day we went northwest to my spinning and weaving meeting at the home of one of the members.  She lives out in the forest in a redwood house.  Gorgeous meadow they live in!  Gorgeous house too.  After the meeting we drove to Graegle - and then on to the lakes nearby.  We had a picnic at Gold Lake and then drove to the next little lake (don't know the name) which was quiet and peaceful.  No motor boats there - just kayakers.  While Stan read his book, I did this little plein air.

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ti-igra said...

Hi, Carolyn! What beautiful pastels! I love them! :-)))
I really like a horse! He is alive, very kind and calm, I sat on a horse only once in a lifetime! In my grandfather was a horse, his name was Storm (Uragan on translit.
A mountain unbelievable great! No words, you can pass these peaceful landscapes, as if you dissolve in them when you are paint!
Thank you, Carolyn for so interesting story and so peacfull pastels. I learn more and more about America, and she is so gorgeous! :-)