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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Garden Scene - pastel painting

This is a work-in-progress painting.  I started it today en plein air at this beautiful little private garden.  I am now working on it at home.

This garden home property has a history!  Below are some pictures of their commemorative plaque that was dedicated by several organizations including the Nevada Historical Society and Reno Historical Presevation Society on the 4th of July this year.

It reads:  "Site of Ricks Roadhouse Resort, circa 1906.  Jack Johnson established his training quarters here for the July 4, 1910 'Fight of the Century' against Jim Jefferies, 'The Great White Hope'.  In terms of race relations, this was one of the most important events worldwide.  In 1922, the property became 'The Willows', a famous speakeasy and gaming house, where the rich and fashionable flocked to this location to flaunt social convention.  The willows met its fiery end in 1932.


ti-igra said...

Oh! Carolyn, I see a wonderful mysterious landscape! Extraordinarily beautiful!:-)
Thanks for the interesting history, now I'll know about this place and what does this mean for the history of the world! I see a beautiful old house on photo, there was probably very nice in old architecture traditions!

I wish you sincerely to finish your pastel and even give us some mystery of your beautiful city! :-)

Ida M. Glazier said...

This bit of history is very interesting. I remember hearing my father who was born in 1909 speak of this. I was born in Reno, myself! This makes your blog so interesting. I see you are pasteling at the garden-spot you have discovered near-by. Good work, its so hard to do gardens, and get them organized,