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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Critique and Saying Goodbye to New Friends

It was a fantastic week.  My thanks to the coordinators and hostesses from Sierra Pastel Society and Thaelia for her gorgeous cabin "base camp".  Richard's presentations, talks, demos, and 1 on 1 with all of us at our easels was amazing.  Then he topped it off with individual critiques of each of our week-long pieces that lasted from 1:00 till 6pm! 

One Very Thoughtful Artist went to each person's notebook and wrote his comments there for them while they were up there with Richard with their work.

The first comment I will focus on right now is :  "Respond to the underpainting - ask yourself 'what is the least amount of pastel marks do I need to make?'" 

Another key comment was: "Do shapes, set values, then a few small spots - a few powerful marks - will be more poetic - when little notes are allowed to stand out, it sings."

Thank you Richard for helping me grow!


ti-igra said...

Great! I sooo glad for you, Carolyn!
You have worked very productively. We got a lot of pleasure!It was so good to see this process! Oh! New art people, new experiences! Wow, this is SUPER!
My congratulations, Carolyn! You really made some steps forward during this short time! :-))) Yahu!

LIZ said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful week! Even though I'm not a painter, I can appreciate Richard's words & maybe even apply them to my needlework designing!