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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day Two - Tuesday

I have some catching up to do!  Last night and this morning I could not get connected to the internet.  This cabin is off the grid, but they have a solar-powered dish for internet and TV.  So I better be quick!  Sun is going down and then it will be on battery!

Here is my underpainting and pastel overlays:

What my lesson for the day was:  see the dark green edge (drips) that leave a hard edge above the lower level grass foreground?  You have to glaze over both areas with a like color to soften it. 

Add a zing of bright blue in the dark trees to catch the eye to make it go over there for a moment.

Leave mystery - area where viewer gets to figure it out

Leave the outer edges of the paper more "out of focus" or less textured so the eye isn't attracted to it and off the page...

Put a "ping" in a dark area with a lighter color to suggest light hitting a rock.

Orchestrate:  the paper is an orchestra - certain areas are the (i.e.) first violin, other areas are the support string section...  pump certain areas up, subdue other areas.  I know this is an abstract idea, but, you had to be there...

I was working with shade on my panel and palette, yet I was in the sun.  It looked a little dull to me because my eyes adjusted to the shade.  When I was done he turned it around into the sunlight.  Whoa!  It looked so much brighter and more colorful! 

It was a great day.  There is nothing that comes close to seeing the artist in person go through his/her process.  Books and DVDs are helpful, but I really get more from the real deal.



ti-igra said...

Hi, Carolyn! So fun - you have everything there for solar-powered, WOW! So you just draw and give us from that place! Fantastic!
This is a wonderful light pastels! And yes - picture on the light is always brighter and more interesting, but I once painted the sunset, and this picture unfortunately you can only watch in the twilight:)
You always write as interesting! Thank you!!!
I am very happy for you, Carolyn, that you write and you have so much inspiration, it feels in your words and in beautiful pictures!!! HURREY!!! :)

Ida M. Glazier said...

great Carolyn, you are there!!! Wow, looks so interesting, and I hope it is as wonderful as it looks!!!! Oh, to be there , too!!! Can't wait to talk to you in person!!!! Work Hard--have fun!