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Monday, September 20, 2010

Wed. Afternoon of Day 3 - McKinley Workshop

After Richard's 1:00 demo in a grassy meadow with a view of the mountains (picture of his demo below), We spread out to paint.  It might have been around 4:00.  I cut a 9x12 piece of white Kitty Wallis so I could finish quickly, and I picked a really simple scene that was up close and had strong contrasts.  I made the watercolor stronger this time since the morning one was weak.  That made a big difference for me.  I was delighted that I could do just a few pastel marks over the watercolor - and left most of the watercolor showing.  (Yay!)

Here is my underpainting:
Here is Richard's demo:  a complete painting - ready for framing!  Really informative demo - he is great at putting his techniques into words - and watching him work was totally inspiring!


ti-igra said...

You create and realize the amazing things, Carolyn! And then, when you look at the picture, you feel full harmony between nature and the artist! This is great!
Carolyn, my congratulations!I feel I am in a forest, where ancient trees creaked and smelled slightly yellowed grass! :-) HURREY!

Ida M. Glazier said...

Really amazing to watch such an artist as Mckinley work, and talk his thoughts thru. Great experiance for you, your efforts are all very nice and its looks as tho you really worked , and got some nice results! I like the base of the tree with the shadow /contrasts and w/c showing thru! good work there!