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Friday, September 24, 2010

Getting Ready For Another Show - but at an artists' co-op

I've been invited to be a guest artist at our local Artists' Co-Op Gallery!  This is my first time in such a venue. 

This involves some business-type stuff that I haven't done before.  But it is fun and I am learning. 

Framing by myself is one such thing ... not fun right now ... (*!#&%!!) but necessary.  I think I need a workshop on Framing 101! 

Making a price list for my own records is the next most important thing.   I saw an example of someone's list on a source (I don't remember - sorry) like the magazine Art Calendar or one of its web newsletters, or, maybe it was ArtBizBlog.  These are all wonderful sources for artists wanting to learn about the business of selling and the business of being in "business", and marketing, and other such things.  When I finish all my "to do" list to prepare for this show, I'll post links to these sources for you artist folks out there in blog-land that are interested.

Anyway, back to the Price List.  I set it up in Microsoft Word as a table - to be printed out in landscape format on 11x14 (legal sized) paper.  The titles of the columns from left to right are: 

1. Title/Size/medium/surface
2. Awards received for the artwork
3. photo of the art without frame
4. Frame cost, glass, etc.
5. Photo of art with the frame
6. Sale price listed
7.  the % of commission
8. The net sale after subtracting commission and frame costs
9. Sold to:  name/address etc. (for future use - hopefully the co-op has this information to give to the artist)

This has really helped me compare the artwork all together, to value it.  (The actual art work is in various places - in boxes, in the attic, in closets, in frames on the wall, in the storage shed...). 

Only problem is...this takes time!  I didn't have time to paint today!  Need to concentrate on time management.


ti-igra said...

Yahhu! I'm so happy and I dance and whirl! :-))))))))
This is so, the artists except their art works have to be even a good manager. Even I would say marketer, to understand the whole fuss prices and learn about new exibitions, of such new things. It really takes a big chunk of time!

It's so wonderful to be in the company of artists to participate in exhibitions and enjoy the fact that many people see your pictures!
And buy them!
My congradulations, Carolyn!!!
Dreams Come True! :))))))

Euphoria said...

Wow, C! Congratulations!!! It takes time but it´s worth it. I´m sure you´ll do an excellent job. Please post the pictures of the show. I wish I could go...

Carolyn said...

Thanks Ti-Igra and Kira!